Beach House Furniture for Wilmington Residents


We work hard to provide an extensive inventory of dining room, living room, bedroom and office furniture that will help create the perfect look and combination between form and function. We partner with some of the best manufacturers available and seek out unique opportunities to acquire pieces through close out sales and direct markets buys so that we can offer high quality summer furniture at competitive prices. Learn more about Heavner Furniture Market and how we can help you perfectly outfit every room in your Wilmington home with the right summer furniture.


The entire state of North Carolina is home to some unique landmarks, historical sites and natural wonders, but Wilmington is one of those cities where all these characteristic collide to create a beautiful city worth getting to know a little better. At Heavner Furniture Market, we understand exactly why people from all over the country visit Wilmington, North Carolina and often decide to call it home. As a trusted source for a wide range of summer furniture, we help Wilmington residents transform their house and create a welcoming interior that makes them happy to come home.

The eastern edge of Wilmington borders the Atlantic and provides miles of sandy beaches along the Cape Fear Coast where you can enjoy the temperate waters and warm weather. Heading further inland, the actual city of Wilmington has plenty to offer. The Cape Fear River forms the western border of town and provides another scenic view of water. Today, the river serves as an industrial port, but it was also a strategic location during the Civil War and other major military engagements.

If you want to learn more about the state’s maritime past, you can visit the USS North Carolina battleship, which is docked across the river from downtown. The boat was first launched in 1940 and now serves as a museum where visitors can walk the main deck to view 45 caliber guns and go below deck to experience the underbelly of this massive war ship.

The North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher is also just a short drive away and provides an excellent opportunity to see local wildlife up close. As you drive to the aquarium, you will also notice streets lined with beautiful old historic homes. Some of them are open to tours, including the Bellamy Mansion, which provides a look into what life was like in the antebellum south.

During April, the city is taken over by visitors from all over the state and country who want to experience the famous Azalea Festival. This annual event has a little bit of everything. From garden tours to bands and local merchants lining the streets, there is plenty to do. Best of all, the entire city is in full bloom and covered in colorful spring Azalea blossoms. It is a great way to welcome warmer weather and get ready for beach season.

By May the ocean water is warm enough for swimming and people are coming into town to stay at a rental or occupy their beach house for the summer. The weather also makes Wilmington a popular place for retirees who want to get outside and enjoy the surf and sun as much as possible.

As summer gears up, and throughout the rest of the year, Heavner Furniture Market is there to provide beautiful, durable and affordable summer furniture. The temperate climate and ocean breezes give the city a casual and airy feel that is often reflected in less formal furniture that is perfect for curling up with a book or resting after a long day in the sun.