About Heavner Furniture Market in Raleigh, NC

Heavner Furniture Market was founded in 1974 as a premium provider of furniture value to homeowners throughout greater central North Carolina.

Today, we have locations in Raleigh and Smithfield, both stocked with thousands of unique furniture items for all types of buyers. Whether you are moving into your first home or updating your last, we have that special piece you’ve been looking for.

Heavner Furniture Market takes pride in being family-owned and always customer-first when it comes to business. Every time you visit one of our showrooms, you are guaranteed to receive the attentive service of a helpful furniture expert.


The Big Idea

At Heavner Furniture, we take a very simple approach to furniture buying. Everything we do revolves around our two main goals:

  1. Give the customer as many options as possible
  2. Offer only the best deals

We have succeeded in becoming the largest provider of furniture value in the area because of our dedication to customer service and affordability. How do we do it? We acquire all inventory at a discount, only buying items that are:

  • Market Samples– Unique display items purchased at large furniture shows from around the world
  • Imports Direct– Furniture purchased directly off shipping freighters
  • Factory Closeouts– Discontinued items sold at a fraction of their original price
  • Special Purchases– Custom made items offered at below market price

The savings are then passed onto you! Look for the special colored tags on items throughout our showrooms to see where the savings came from. One of our Heavner Furniture team members will always be closeby to assist you in finding the right item at the right price.


Thousands of Items, Thousands to Save

When you visit Heavner Furniture Market, you are sure to find the furniture you’ve been looking for at a price you can really be happy with. Our inventory is always stocked with new items for you, including:

Come see us in person to see what Heavner Furniture Market has for you! You can also contact our Raleigh location by calling (919) 881-9200 or our Smithfield location by calling (919) 934-0551. If you’d prefer an email response, please complete a brief contact form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.