Special Purchase Furniture in Raleigh

Heavner Furniture Market brings the best special purchase furniture to Raleigh area customers in search of great deals. We are currently stocked with the custom furniture you are looking for and can order the pieces you’d like, at a discount.

Special purchase furniture is product that is being offered at below market price. Our large ordering volume allows us to bring these items to our customers at a fraction of the cost. These unique pieces can be special ordered and custom made to fit your preferences.

For instance, if you find a special purchase armchair in one of our showrooms and would like to change the fabric, we can order it just for you. At no other store in the area will you find a more helpful staff to bring you the best custom furniture available at an all-time low price.

Visit us today at our Raleigh or Smithfield location to explore the thousands of products we have in stock.


Look for the “Special Purchase” Tag!

As you explore one of our expansive showrooms, be on the lookout for the red-and-white special purchase furniture tags. These tags will list the original price of the item and the Heavner price you’ll pay.

One of our top priorities is providing the customer with as many options as possible. Through our special purchase program, we take a large supply of quality furniture and turn it into a supply of custom furniture! We see this as the best way to give you as many choices as possible every time you shop for home furnishings. Whatever your design taste is, we can find something right for you.

Our special purchase furniture tags can be found on items in every department, including:

There are thousands of great finds to be had at Heavner Furniture Market. If you would like to speak with one of our deals experts, you can always contact our Raleigh location by calling (919) 881-9200 or our Smithfield location by calling (919) 934-0551.

If you prefer to be contacted via email, you can fill out a brief contact form and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly. For the very best in custom furniture, come see us today!